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It’s our planet…we have to take care of it!

October 12, 2011

Taken Sunday in Brown County, IN.

The weather has been glorious for the past two weeks, and I have been fully taking advantage of it. We have been eating picnic lunches in the front yard, riding bikes, and taking in the scenery. I’ve enjoyed it so much that it’s got me thinking about how precious nature is, and how in danger we all really are. Everyone should be an environmentalist because we depend on this planet and it’s resources for our very survival. Things like climate change, habitat destruction, and the pollution and contamination of ecosystems are attacking the biodiversity that is our life blood, and our livelihood! The consequences aren’t just cosmetic. We won’t just be losing this gorgeous fall foliage that is esthetically pleasing; we will lose food sources, clean water, and other vital resources. It’s our planet…we have to take care of it!

We have to stop taking things for granted. Here are a few simple pleasures compliments of Mother Nature…

It started raining one evening last week as we were putting the kids to bed, so I stepped outside to take the front porch ferns off their hooks and set them out in the yard for a drink. As I reached for the fern, I looked up and saw a cute little tree frog clinging to the plant hanger; waiting to get in on the seemingly endless supply of flying critters buzzing around the porch light. Of course, I scooped the kids out of bed and brought them out to see the frog while my husband snapped a few pics. We’ve seen this little guy before, and consider him a welcome friend; along with the many porch-dwelling spiders who live share their flying feasts with him.

Our friend the tree frog.

My husband and father-in-law took Elliott fishing recently, during one of our trips to southern Indiana for a visit. They went to a small pond, and fished for fun (meaning they threw back their catches). I’m told Elliott caught the first and the biggest fish of the day. He had a blast!

Elliott's big catch!

During that same visit, my mother-in-law sent us home with 3 huge sunflowers so that we could harvest the seeds for the birds. My husband filled the bird feeder, and for whatever reason, the birds weren’t touching it, I thought maybe they were having a hard time accessing the seeds, so I knocked a bunch of seeds to the ground with hopes of attracting a few. Instead, I came out one day to find an adorable chipmunk stuffing its cheeks full of our sunflower seeds. The kids and I have spent the past three days putting out seeds for the chipmunk (which we have named ‘Alvin’) so that we can watch it eat.

Meet Alvin.

Look at those cheeks!

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