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Growing Greener: Updates

June 28, 2011

Three of our green goals for the year have been met: composting, gardening & installing a rain barrel. Everything is working out really well, and I want to share our progress with you!

The rain barrel: My husband designed and built this beauty, and recently improved it by adding a piece of garden hose so that I can easily fill my watering can. Usually, I have a hard time with folks who hoard random garbage, but I have to give a big shout out to Raymond, my hubby’s step-dad, who actually kept a busted hose around for us to scavenge! Oh, and I’m happy to say that I haven’t used a drop of municipal water to water any of our plants & gardens so far this year.

Composting: Our compost is doing great! Actually, I think it may be time to expand the bin! What was once leaves, grass clippings, and random food scraps is now looking a lot like rich, black, dirt. It smells fresh, and the worms are loving it. I spend 10-15 minutes turning the pile once a week, and I have to be really careful to not kill a bunch of worms every time I do so. It kinda reminds me of Brad Pitt in the movie “Seven years in Tibet.”

Container Gardening: I’m pretty happy with my little organic garden so far.  I have enjoyed tending to the plants, but I have to admit that I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. At the moment I have some rosemary drying in the pantry, and some freshly snipped mint & cilantro in the fridge. I like adding the mint to my water,  I made mint whipped cream the other night, and the cilantro is excellent to have on hand for making guacamole (which we eat on a regular basis). I planted some basil a week or so ago, and I’m hoping to make some pesto and tomato sauce once the tomatoes are ready to go. Most of the lettuce varieties have stopped growing (or aren’t growing very well) due to the heat, but I still have some bibb lettuce to harvest in the next couple of weeks. My tomato & pepper plants are doing awesome too! I am going to have tons of jalapenos soon!

Well, that is what has been going on in my world. What’s up in yours???

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