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You Say You Want A (Food) Revolution????

June 1, 2011


I have eaten a few (give or take 100) fast food cheeseburgers in my time, and while I knew that they weren’t healthy, it wasn’t until recently that I learned I was eating disgusting, not-fit-for-human-consumption beef byproducts that our government allows beef producers to bathe in ammonia, and then slip into my burger as a filler to save a few bucks. Really? Are you effin’ kidding me? McDonald’s gets to save a few bucks by feeding its customers chemically laden cow rubbish? …Yep, that is where this post is going. Read on if you’re interested!

Eat organic, buy local, go meatless!  Several movements are out there trying to save the planet and restore our health, so why have so few of us joined the food revolution?  For those of us who have, how did we get here? Is it better nutrition we seek? Are we upset about the industrialization of the food system, and the death of family farms? I think it’s safe to say that for many of us it is a combination of both.  We want high quality food that comes from a high quality food system.  Why is that too much to ask???

My personal food revolution started when I watched the documentary, Food Inc., and began to learn about where the majority of our food comes from, the crappy quality of ingredients and synthetic additives that are in our food products, and the giant political shit-storm that is to blame for said crappy foodstuffs! To speak for my family, the revolution has changed our lives forever. Less than 2 years ago, we were blissfully ignorant. We didn’t really know what was in our food! Nothing we learned in school (even in college) taught us to watch out for chemical additives and synthetic dyes in our food; or reminded us that our fruits and veggies were heavily sprayed with pesticides that we might ingest.  On the humane-tip, we knew nothing of factory farms, animals forced to hang out in their own feces, and chickens pumped so full of hormones & steroids that they couldn’t even hold their own weight. We ate what we thought was healthy food; whole grain breads & cereals, fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and healthy fish.  It wasn’t until after Food Inc. that I devoured as much information as possible to learn about what we were eating, how it came to be, and how the current system perpetuates this crappy food.

The things I learned floored me. The whole grain breads and cereals we thought were healthy are made with high fructose corn syrup, GM corn, and preservatives. The fruits & veggies are grown in nutrient deficient, chemically enhanced soil; sprayed with carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting pesticides, and harvested before ripe only to be gassed to ripeness.  The lean meats come from growth hormone-laden, antibiotic-pumped, malnourished animals that were raised in horrid conditions, and on “farms” whose employees might have been treated worse than the animals.  Our food system is broken, and even people with nutritional-savvy still don’t really know what they are eating unless they come into contact with the food revolution!

I’m not sure what is worse, the quality of our food, or the fact that this crappy food system is supported by our government. It breaks my heart to say that our health is up for sale. Agribusiness owns the FDA. Food producers don’t have to tell us how they produce our food, what fillers they cut it with, and how they treat their animals. Food is highly processed, and completely nutrient deficient. Science is now calling obesity an epidemic of malnutrition; our bodies aren’t recognizing any nutrients in the foods we are eating, satiety signals are never triggered, and we keep eating hoping to get the fuel our bodies really need. Junk food is marketed to children, and companies are allowed to market high-sugar cereals and snacks as healthy by mentioning whole grains. It’s not right when people aren’t given the chance to make an informed decision about the foods they are feeding their families. The FDA is not protecting us!!! In fact, I’d like to have about 5 minutes with each and every person involved with the current food policy (including the agribusiness big wigs) so that I can slap them in the face and tell them they should be ashamed of themselves!

I want high quality food that comes from folks who care about healthy food, and aren’t willing to deceive me in order to line their own pockets! Our food system won’t get better unless we force it to change. Let’s vote with our dollars, and grow the food revolution!!!

P.S. Tell me what you hate about the food system? Do you feel like you have the power the change it? Have you joined the food revolution? How are you standing up for your health?

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  1. June 8, 2011 4:27 pm

    My information comes from a million sources. This is something I’m incredibly passionate about, so I’ve read countless books, watched Documentaries, paid attention to the information at my local food co-op, and the internet has tons and tons of good, solid information.

    If you want to more, my advice is this:
    1. Watch the documentary “Food, Inc.”
    2. Read the book “Food Matters,” and watch the documentary with the same name
    3. Check out websites for “Slow Food,” “local food” and “food revolution”
    4. Watch several episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
    5. Go to the EPAs website and look for information about pesticides
    6. If you really want to learn about the health ramifications of our diets, read up on raw food diets, and the Gerson therapy.

    There is a lot out there!!!!

    I’m glad you’re interested, and I hope you join the revolution!

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