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Happy Mother’s Day, Green Moms!

May 8, 2011

It’s Mother’s Day, and kids are on my mind. Becoming a parent is what really catapulted me into the green lifestyle. Sure, we recycled before we had kids, and I always wanted to save the whales, but we spent more time playing disc golf and going to shows than we did learning about toxins in our products, or our broken food system. I burned Glade candles, and cleaned our oven with Easy Off – Now I know why that stuff made me feel sick. Being informed is life changing, and is sometimes quite the burden to bear!

For that reason, I am sending a big Happy Mother’s Day wish to all the green moms out there! Green moms are a special class of women who go above and beyond to protect our children from harm, and to tread as lightly as possible on the Earth. I wish there were more of us out there, but we’re a strong group, and I think we’re winning over new moms every day! Thank you all for sharing your blogs, recipes, product reviews, and resources! The sense of community that has been created by women from all over is precious to me!

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