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Sometimes it’s so easy being green!

May 3, 2011

Since going green I’ve learned to re-think my notions of “shelf life,” and if I can keep an item out of the landfill, I do. I feel a bit of guilt every time something goes into the trash can, so the less I have to throw away, the better I feel. Today, I am celebrating a small victory in shelf life extending, and I feel the need to share it with you!

This afternoon, Elliott was in my bathroom and asked me what the “goo” was on the shower curtain. Obviously, it was time to address the shower curtain liner. Shower curtain liners aren’t the type of household item that get much thought from most folks. In a society looking for products that are cheap and easy to replace (and, therefore, easy to throw away), the vinyl shower curtain liner is a convenience champ.

Since I am no longer a “ throw-away” girl, I filled a bucket with hot water, tossed in some Dr. Bronner’s Lavender (it has natural mildew-killing powers) Castile soap & a scrub brush and headed out to the deck with my nasty shower curtain liner. I scrubbed down both sides, and it easily came clean. To top it off, it was just starting to rain as I finished cleaning the liner, so I pinned it up on the clothesline and let the rain rinse the soap off. Liner saved. Water saved. Money saved. Sometimes it’s so easy being green!

As good as new!

**The cheapest way to green your shower curtain liner is to buy a liner made from PEVA plastic. PEVA is less toxic than PVC, and you can find PEVA liners just about anywhere (Wal-Mart & Target included) for next to nothing. There are other options, some of which are greener, but I’d argue that reusing what you’ve got now until it is no longer salvageable is the greenest choice you can make.

Check out these two articles for more info on reducing the toxicity & impact of your shower curtain:


Alternative Consumer

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