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One Year after the BP Oil Disaster

April 20, 2011

I was really hoping to sit down and write a well thought-out  post today, but my kids have other plans. At the moment, Maya is kicking the wall behind my bed and fussing for no good reason, and Elliott is playing with his talking IronMan toys that literally distract me to the point of madness! I threw this together because I think it merits attention!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the BP oil catastrophe, and our nation seems to have amnesia. The marine ecosystem was devastated, and there has been little government involvement in the clean up efforts and future preventative measures. In addition, gas prices are through the roof, and the oil companies are “laughing all the way to the bank!”

This is what Earthjustice has to say about the efforts thus far:

“The colossal BP spill should have taught the oil industry that it needed a better plan for responding to a spill. But one year later, the industry is still operating with defective “blow-out” preventers and ineffective oil skimmers and booms.

On top of that, the industry’s reluctance to release the chemical ingredients of its oil dispersants makes it virtually impossible to determine the health impacts of the millions of gallons that were used in the Gulf.”

The Environmental Defense Fund wants to see the government use the “BP Clean Water Act fines to restore the Gulf Coast ecology, economy, and community.”

Please take a few minutes today to check out these articles:

Earthjustice: Gulf Oil Spill Sticking Around A Year Later

Environmental Defense Fund: Year of Living Recklessly

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