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Line Drying Laundry Love!

April 1, 2011

It was obvious that Spring had arrived at the beginning of last week; the weather was beautiful! The sun was out, the temps were up, and all I wanted was to be outside. I had housework to do, but luckily for me, said housework required going outside. Why? Because I line dry our laundry as much as possible! I love it that nature helps with my laundry duties, and saves our energy (and money, for that matter) for more important things.

Apparently, not everyone in this country has the freedom to line dry their clothing, and I’m just freakin’ floored by this! I guess I have been living in a hole, and while reading the current addition of Indiana Living Green magazine, I stumbled on an article about Project Laundry List. According to Project Laundry List, “clotheslines are banned by tens of thousands of homeowner’s associations” and rental communities nation-wide. For some reason, I just can’t wrap my head around this one – Seriously, people are not free to line dry their clothes? Why on earth would it be unacceptable to line dry one’s clothing? In the words of The Dude, “This aggression will not stand!”  I live in a neighborhood, and if there is a covenant that prohibits me from having a clothesline, I shall not abide!

To support our right to dry, please participate in National Hanging Out Day on April 19th by hanging out your clothes! You can even submit a photo of your clothesline at PLL’s website.

For more information about PLL and line drying visit: Project Laundry List

**Here is a bonus green laundry tip I found in Taste for Life magazine: Use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach when washing whites. It is as effective as bleach in whitening your clothes without the environmental & health negatives. Add 1 c. of 3% hydrogen peroxide to your wash as a color-safe alternative.***

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