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The LÄRABAR: Scrumtrulescent!

March 13, 2011

While blog surfing earlier this week I read an interesting product review of LÄRABAR snack bars,  posted by Girlichef. I had never eaten a LÄRABAR before, but after reading her review I resolved to try one this week. I usually try to steer away from bars due to their less-than-ideal ingredients, and high price tags, but LÄRABARs are whole foods bars, made with simple (and easy to pronounce) ingredients. In addition, they are on sale for $.99 each at my local co-op this week, so I had no excuse not to pick up a few.

I bought several flavors, and was excited to share them with my husband, who immediately tore into the Ginger Snap bar. It was delicious! I could taste (and smell) the cinnamon and cloves. I think the LÄRABAR is going to become a household staple, and I’m running back to the co-op to stock up while they’re still on sale!!!

Thank you, Girlichef. And thank you, LÄRABAR!

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  1. March 13, 2011 7:17 pm

    I would buy a case at a time at Costco!

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