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My Green Community: The Winter Farmers Market

February 12, 2011

It’s dinner time. I’m listening to the My Morning Jacket station on Pandora radio, and enjoying a salad made from a fabulous mix of organic greens that came from Meadowlark Farm in neighboring Brown County, Indiana. Later, I’ll enjoy a cup of green tea that I will sweeten with delicious local honey from Hunter’s Honey Farm. I picked up both the honey and salad greens this morning at my local Winter Farmers Market, along with some Brown County Coffee, and beeswax candles (also from Hunter’s). This year is the first year our community has had direct access to shop from local producers year round. The winter market has a huge variety of edible local products available including: produce, meat, eggs and other dairy items, honey products, grains, coffee, baked goods & hot food. As well as homemade soaps, beeswax candles, tinctures, wool, potted plants, seeds, flowers, and more…

I shop at the winter market because I value supporting my local economy while buying healthy products for my family!  Locally grown food is in season, it’s fresher, it’s often higher in nutritional value than commercially produced food (that comes to town via airplane, train or truck) and it tastes better. I take great comfort in knowing exactly where the food we eat comes from, and I’m proud that this market is part of my green community!

For more reasons to shop local:

To locate a Farmers Market near you:

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